Dec 312023
2023 Greatest Hits (and ones that should be)

Some posts roll, some get a flat tire not long after they head out into the world. I write to share thoughts and information, not to try for a huge following, but it’s still instructive to review which posts gain momentum and which face an uphill climb. (Okay, okay, I’ll stop with the riding analogies. OTOH, this is primarily a bike blog.)

Reviewing this year’s stats, these posts drew the most views. I write a mix of think pieces, events, a bit of travel along with poetry. That’s what shows up in the top so this mix seems to work for readers as well as for the writer/rider here. I’m also glad to find some of my older posts showing up. I deliberately daylighted them in a monthly series this year, which no doubt helped along with search results.

2023 Top 20 Posts

A baker’s dozen of ones I like

Some of my favorites already appear in the list above. A few others that don’t draw as many clicks as the ones above, although some were pretty close:

Sharing is karma--pass it along!

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