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Bike Touring Lessons Learned So Far: Two Days and 84 Miles

  None of this will be news to people who have bike toured for years, and I’m sure blog posts and videos and lists abound that could have spared me some of the lessons. But hey, I’ll remember all this firsthand learning. 1) I overpacked. Some of this was due to not fully factoring in […]

Biking Is the Spice of Life

I have missed many things while driving for transportation thanks to a broken elbow (with recovery complicated by a frozen shoulder). To name just a few: Exercise (hello, +10 pounds) Sense of connection to my surroundings and the people along the way Flexibility — the ease with which I can change my mind, navigate to […]

You’re En-Title-(9)-d (Groan): Women’s Bike Ride June 23 from Title Nine

The pun in that headline is so, so bad. It doesn’t even work. Yet I can’t resist. Geoff at Two Wheel Transit asked if I’d lead a women’s bike ride for the awesome folks at Title Nine in the South Perry District (where TWT is moving this fall!). What could be more fun than to meet, […]

Meet Spokane’s Newest Complete Street: Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Not that I cheated and rode on the street before it was really, really complete or anything…. But on May 31 I had the joy of being the first rider on the officially opened Martin Luther King, Jr. Way on the south edge of the Riverpoint Campus where I work. The size of the crowd despite […]

Getting Started Bike Commuting: A Blogspedition inside Bike Style

The blog now stands at over 170 posts after a year of writing. Lots of advice is sprinkled throughout every post, along with my ponderings and miscellany on bike policy, infrastructure creation, and other aspects of becoming a bike-friendlier world. This post serves as a categorized round-up of many of the posts you may find helpful […]

30 Days of Biking: Hills and Miles and Darkness, Oh My!

Today’s easy-squeezy 8.4 miles, broken up into nice manageable chunks of 10 minutes or less, nonetheless provided plenty of reminders of yesterday’s butt-burner: over 27 miles total, with a huge chunk of that spent slogging slowly up a hill climb that I thought would never end. But it was fun, honest! The set-up: I did […]

On Getting from Here to There: A Betsy Post

A guest post by Betsy Lawrence, AKA “yogaprof,” the founder of Belles and Baskets I have written previously about how I began bike commuting; now here are a few lessons I have discovered along the way. Lesson one: Be flexible Once I committed to biking to work, I started the work of fine-tuning my commute. I […]

Thinking Like a Driver vs. Thinking Like a Bicyclist

Years ago a friend of mine taught me about wormholes: those semi-secret byways that locals know that cut miles out of a route or let you skip traffic lights or pesky left turns on busy streets. Seems to me a wormhole for cyclists does all those things, keeps you out of the heaviest traffic (I’m […]

More Bike Commuting Route Selection Tips: Part 3

Choosing your preferred bike route involves thinking about what streets can get you there and back again, doing some exploring, and avoiding climbing as much as possible (assuming you want to avoid sweating since you’re on your way to work). Some more tips for route selection: Avoiding When you’re new to riding I recommend you […]

Intro to Bike Commuting: Route Selection Part 2

Things I do in picking a bike route: Explore. Climb (as little as possible). Avoid. Evaluate. Today I’m covering exploration and (not) climbing. Tomorrow we’ll avoid and evaluate. The route you take as a driver may be just right for you on your bike, or it could really, really suck. If you’re getting on the freeway […]

There and Back Again: How to Pick your Bike Commute Route

One of the most common questions from potential bike commuters reflects nervousness over picking a safe route: How do I figure out where to ride? Take some reassurance from the results of a question I asked on the Bike Style Facebook page: “What did you used to think was really hard about bike commuting and […]

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