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I Suppose It Takes All Kinds: Musings on Human Behavior

Sad to say I had my first jerk encounter with a Seattle driver during my first week of a much longer bike commute. The happy part is that I’ve lived in Seattle a full 9 months and this is the first negative interaction I’ve had with a driver of any kind. To date no one […]

Seattle Streets Take Two: More Impressions of Seattle Biking

I posted some of my first impressions of Seattle bicycling right after moving here and riding just a little bit around the core downtown area. After nearly six months of bicycling and a few more miles (although not nearly enough) I thought I’d share a few more stories. My life is very low-mileage right now […]

How to Be a Good Guy/Gal on the Street

This post that you should share with all your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and personal conversation in (gasp!) real life was inspired by several influences. I’m modeling very directly on the first post so a shout-out to Anna North at Jezebel for providing inspiration and an outline to follow. Herewith, my source material, which […]

Miss Manners Would Approve: Dealing with Drivers

I try to be an ambassador from the friendly biking nation when I ride. Since throwing a hissy fit or flipping off a driver probably just confirms their existing opinion of people on bikes (since of course we are all 100% identical, unlike those unique individuals behind the wheel), I figure I’m helping a little […]

Bike Commuting Manners: Is a Smile or a Nod Too Much to Ask?

This was going to be another rant about Rider #1, the guy I chicked recently. See, I chicked him again Monday morning, same way as last time (by taking a different route to the same point). He whooshed past me with no verbal warning, ignoring my cheery “Good morning!” as he whizzed down Southeast Boulevard […]

They Deserved It: Chicked Again.

The last time I wrote about chicking a guy, it was all in good fun. But these last two? They deserved it, and here’s why. Rider #1: You whooshed by me last week heading north/downhill in the Southeast Boulevard bike lane without so much as an “On your left!” as you sped toward the stop […]

Dear Reader, I Chicked Him

A couple of days ago I chicked a guy. That is to say, I overtook and passed him climbing a hill on the way home. Wearing a skirt. Mind you, only one of us was aware this was a race. He looked as if he was taking it fairly easy going up the hill when […]

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