• I Came to a Fork in the Road
  • Biking Is the Spice of Life
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I Came to a Fork in the Road

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This post is a lightly edited version of my storytelling at the 2017 National Bike Summit. Pedal Love founder Melissa Balmer organized several members of the Pedal Love Culture & Lifestyle Council to tell stories for the opening plenary session under the theme “Bicycling Makes Lemonade: A Tall Glass of Storytelling.” This story begins when […]

Biking Is the Spice of Life


I have missed many things while driving for transportation thanks to a broken elbow (with recovery complicated by a frozen shoulder). To name just a few: Exercise (hello, +10 pounds) Sense of connection to my surroundings and the people along the way Flexibility — the ease with which I can change my mind, navigate to […]

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