• #30DaysofBiking: Halfway Mark Plus One
  • #30DaysofBiking, #30words, #30pix
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#30DaysofBiking: Halfway Mark Plus One

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30 Days of Biking is going swimmingly this year — or is that a mixed metaphor of sorts? I’ve been on my bike every day so far and putting in lots of miles. I traveled for several days but it was for bike events so that made it easy to keep going. Here’s the round-up […]

#30DaysofBiking, #30words, #30pix

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In the major leagues batting .500 would be worth millions. In 30 Days of Biking, it means I didn’t get on my bike every single day in some of my attempts in the past couple of years since I heard of the event and started signing up. That’s okay, because some things really are bigger […]

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