• Rolling Right Along: Weeks 2-3, #30DaysOfBiking
  • Someone’s Sweetheart
  • Coming Back: Week 1, #30DaysOfBiking
  • I Came to a Fork in the Road
  • Biking Is the Spice of Life
  • How to Be a Good Guy/Gal on the Street

Rolling Right Along: Weeks 2-3, #30DaysOfBiking

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When I started riding my bike for transportation it took a while for it to become a daily habit. Once it did, my mindset was no longer that of a person who drives without thinking about it. If I didn’t get on my bike I usually got on the bus. Psychologically I was no longer […]

Someone’s Sweetheart

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The kind of text you DO NOT want to get from your sweetheart: “Car turned left in front. Hit car. Bike effed up. Phys. OK. Going to work.” ā€” Barb Chamberlain (@barbchamberlain) April 8, 2017 This text set my heart racing Saturday morning at 10:14 a.m., just as I was preparing to set off on […]

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