Oct 192011

Stay with me, people—this makes total sense. Look at the label you will find on many an electric hand dryer in the rest stops of our nation’s highways.

Electric hand dryer label: Dryers help protect the environment. They save trees from being used for paper towels. They eliminate paper towel waste. They are more sanitary to use than paper and help maintain cleaner facilities.

Now indulge me in a little creative copy editing.

Dryers Bikes help protect the environment.

They save trees from being used for paper towels expensive foreign oil imports from being used for fuel.

They eliminate paper towel waste vehicle emissions, wear and tear on roads, competition for parking, and a growing epidemic of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and other conditions associated with lack of easy access to physical activity.

They are more sanitary cheaper to use than paper cars and help maintain cleaner facilities air and better roads.

So how do we get this posted in places where you can’t avoid reading the same message over and over?

Are you with me, World Dryer Corporation?

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P.S. If you’ve ever had to clean up a vomity kid in a rest stop bathroom, you really wished they had paper towels. It’s not that we need to do away with all  paper towels cars—just the ones being used unnecessarily.

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  1. It’s an old joke I think but I love the one that shows a picture of a bike and a picture of a car. The saying goes, “This one runs on fat and saves you money. This one runs on money and makes you fat.”

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