Mar 022023
Every month this year I plan to share links to older posts written in that particular month, along with a reminder of that month’s bike events in case you want to participate. Always check in with any local or statewide bike organizations to find out about those fun events specific to your part of the world. Reminder of March Bike Events Still cold where you live? Maybe you jump into the Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge now if you didn’t in January because starting new things in January is such a cliché. Looking ahead to April: This may be the month to figure out when you want to tackle Errandonnee, created by DC-area bike blogger Mary Gersemalina, if you’re a plan-ahead-er. Or at least I hope it is. The event has hit in early spring in the years it’s been promoted. Haven’t seen something on her blog yet. What’s Errandonnee? Within whatever date range Mary announces, you choose 12 consecutive days within that window to complete 12 errands by bike (or walking or running, if you want to work that hard—riding is easier). Is it time to set an appointment for a haircut or a trip to the dentist? Make a date with a friend or loved one for a future outing by bike? Start setting appointments for mid-April to be ready. As a bonus, running those errands will help you stay on track for in April, so even if there’s no formal Errandonnee you’ll be rolling right along. Riding Down Memory Lane
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