Dec 112023
Bike Books I Recommend: Art, Cartoons, Deep Thoughts, Miscellany

Think of this list as the liberal arts major roundup on my bookcase. I keep my bike books sorted in categories: travel, history, policy. And then there’s this group of books that got shelved together in part because some are one of a kind, if you follow me. One way or another, they make me think or entertain me.

Many of these ended up in my hands through the kind of serendipity that brings them together on my shelf now: found at a bookstore on a vacation, on a shelf in a thrift shop, gift from someone who figured I might like another book about bicycles (you’re not wrong).

This is a relatively short list and I welcome your suggestions for additions. What entertaining, unusual, or thought-provoking bike book would you give someone who has plenty of how-to or bike policy books?

Links take you to the publisher,, *or an online used book-purchasing service.

*I believe you should support local bookstores and libraries. links are provided in case you don’t have access to those. If ever receive any affiliate commissions I’ll donate them to organizations working for safer streets for all of us.

Sharing is karma--pass it along!

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