Michelle with Sekai women's bike and bike trailer to haul kids.

On a Roll with Michelle S, Olympia

The occasional “On a Roll with” series started with women in Spokane since the blog originally focused on biking in Spokane. Now that I have a statewide role at the Bicycle Alliance of Washington I’ve expanded the geography to feature women from all over the…Continue Reading

Madeleine Carson, Seattle, WA, at the waterfront with her kids and bike, holding a kid's bike overhead.

On a Roll with Madeleine Carlson, Seattle

“On a Roll with” profiles women who ride from around Washington to demonstrate and celebrate the diversity of bikes, routes, gear, clothing, ages and stages of your cycling sisters. If you’d like to share your story here or want to suggest someone,…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Betsy Lawrence: On Becoming a Late-in-Life Jock

This piece takes a different approach than our usual Q&A for the On a Roll with series. Introducing occasional guest blogger Betsy Lawrence: community college composition instructor, yoga teacher, and the founder of Belles and Baskets. What she doesn’t mention…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Jamie Morgan

Name: Jamie Lynn Morgan Location: Hayden Lake, Idaho Things Jamie does: I am a craft-beer-loving bicycle-riding wife to one and mother to three. Currently I’m the owner of a travel and tourism marketing company (I just use my name for…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Katherine Widing

Name: Katherine Widing Location: Spokane, WA About Katherine: Born in Melbourne, Australia. Lived in USA since 1985, with short sojourns in France and the Netherlands. Freelance writer and author of four books on international bicycle touring. Volunteer on Spokane Summer Parkways committee.…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Wilma Flanagan

Name: Wilma Flanagan Location: Spokane, South Hill Things Wilma does: I work as a librarian for Spokane County Library District. I also volunteer at Spokane Public Radio, at my daughter’s school (currently Lewis & Clark High School), on the City of Spokane…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Rachel Scrudder

Name: Rachel Scrudder Location: Spokane Things Rachel does: Bicycle commuter Member of the Spokane Bicycle Advisory Board Software tester Who or what made a difference in your life that got you on a bike? Initially I wanted to be more green,…Continue Reading