Nov 102023
#Coffeeneuring 2023: Success!

I mean, how hard is it really to go for a bike ride and get some coffee? Seven times in just over six weeks. With no more than two trips per week. Always to a different venue. OK, so, yes, some particular requirements. It’s not as if I could just ride to the bakery down the street from our house every day for a week and call it good. Although come to think of it, that would be very good.

No, this takes planning, especially since I telework because if I don’t plan to leave the house I’m at the computer monitors all day and into the evening. I’m fortunate to telework and be able to take time for bike rides, I know; not everyone has my level of privilege.

It helps to have the habit of bicycling for transportation. My bike is always ready to roll: Tires pumped, brakes checked. I’ve eliminated the hassle factor and the racks are already set up with bags in case I make a grocery run.

I also have a closet full of everyday clothing that’s comfortable for riding. This is no small barrier to eliminate if you start out like I did with a distinct fondness for pencil skirts. Fortunately I’m also willing to wear a skirt with more room to move and ones made of forgiving fabrics. And then there are the pants, and my long-ago quest for great pants to ride in that work for the office too. (Time for an update on that front; I have some new favorite brands.)

All of this means if I want to go for a bike ride for coffee, away I go.

Oct. 8 conveniently overlapped with #WeekWithoutDriving.

Oct. 14 had me riding to a friend’s house.

Oct. 22 was a bike date with my sweetie.

Oct. 27 was a simple ride to my neighborhood bakery on a day I really needed a break.

(which I misnumbered as ) Nov. 4 was a beautiful fall ride. I ended up with a little #RideInTheRain but at least it had a rainbow.

, not as I had thought, was another great ride, this time to brunch with friends.

on Nov. 10, for reals this time, had a nice bookend quality to it since I once again rode with friend Stefanie. I’m in a tiny apartment while our house is being remodeled so I first rode up to meet her at the house, where we pondered the paint samples for my office and bedroom and made a final selection. We biked in fall air with a bit of a bite to the paint store, where her bakfiets-style bike with the front carrying space came in very handy. From there we swung by Bar Francis, a tiny coffee spot in downtown Olympia, for her cappucino and my oatmilk chai. Then we headed to my house for prep and painting, in a little drizzle that couldn’t dampen our spirits. We got two coats on my office, one coat on the bedroom that I’ll finish up with a second coat. Et voila, coffeeneuring 2023 is in the cup!

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  1. Going for a bike ride and grabbing coffee might sound simple, but it’s a well-thought-out routine for me. With telework keeping me glued to computer screens, planning these rides is crucial. Fortunately, my privilege allows this flexibility. Having the habit of biking for transport helps – my bike is always ready, and I’ve streamlined the process. From comfortable biking clothes to a bike-friendly wardrobe, I’ve removed barriers. So, when the urge for a coffee ride strikes, I’m all set to roll!

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