Nov 252018
Happy Holiday + Awesome Alliteration

I Absolutely Adore Alliteration. My fondness for that particular form of wordplay is possibly exceeded by the joy of coming up with a clever acronym, but not by much.

Thus when I served as “guesHandwritten text: Amazing Awesome Alliteration!t prof” for * on Thanksgiving 2018 I decided to give free rein to that impulse and run with a theme for the evening’s questions.

The list I created may come in handy as you cope with the caloric crimes committed that day and look ahead to whatever additional abundance awaits you in your winter holidays of choice. Herewith, the ways that bicycling helps you earn what you burn:

  • Transform the turkey into two-wheeled transport
  • Spin off the stuffing
  • Shop off the sugar (by biking to the store)
  • Derail(leur) the dressing
  • Roll off the rolls
  • Metabolize the mashed potatoes (or mac/cheese, if that’s a traditional dish at your house)
  • Grind off the gravy or the green beans
  • Crank off the cranberries, carrots and calories
  • Wheel off the whipped cream
  • Pedal off the pie
  • Bike off the booze

Have any amazing alliterative awesomeness to add to this assemblage? Share your wise or winsome wordplay in the comments below and wherever you share this in social media.


*What’s ?

It’s a tweet chat, a one-hour bikey Q&A on Twitter held every Thursday night, 6-7pm in the Pacific time zone. Volunteers take turns serving as “guest prof” and throwing out whatever questions they like. Everyone who participates uses the hashtag and responds within the Q1/A1 numbering system. You’ll sometimes see other tweets tagged with #bikeschool to put them in front of the participants, who are clearly all fans of bicycling. Themes aren’t required; some profs use them regularly, others don’t, sometimes one emerges out of a response from one of the participants. Sidebar conversations and taco jokes abound.

Learn more about the #bikeschool backstory, its history and how-to here.

happy Thanksgiving bike graphic by my friend Melissa Balmer, aka @pedallove. Contact her for custom bike coloring images for your event, business or nonprofit at
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