Jan 072024
Riding Down Memory Lane: January

Some blog posts are evergreen, some a flashback to events I haven’t thought about in quite a while. Rolling back through the archives, month by month, yields this round-up of posts written in Januaries past. This isn’t every last January post; it’s ones that I think stand the test of time and geography, given that I’ve lived and biked in three different cities since beginning this blog.

January Bike Events Reminder

Why we ride in January: To start the new calendar year with movement. Or because we made a resolution.

Any time during the cold months, really: Icy Bike Winter Commuting ChallengeThis functions as a Facebook group; you sign up and log your miles and weather conditions.

Riding Down Memory Lane: January Posts

I’ve published this series for 12 months now, reviewing old posts and curating lists to accompany reminders of bike events month by month. I’m stopping now that I’ve been through 12 months. If you want to know which of my older posts I think have held up best over time, roll back through the previous posts in this series.

Why did I start the series in February, you may ask? Because February serves just as well as a time to start new things as January does. These labeles and boxes on screens or pages are all 100% artificial anyway.

A note on the typeface in the image: Designed by Dulce Salazar, the Bicycle typeface shapes are intended to suggest the shape of a penny farthing bicycle.

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