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We Engineered Ourselves into this Mess. Now We Need to Engineer our Way out of It.

There’s a problem in our debates about how streets are funded, a problem that lies partly in the assumptions about who pays and who benefits, with a root cause in the effects of design on how people use a transportation network. I pay through several mechanisms for local streets and roads and consume far less […]

When I Get Older: Why I Believe in a Multimodal System and Complete Streets

I’ve been dealing for over a decade with issues created as my parents aged, including transportation problems. My mother, who’s 90, has vascular dementia that has worsened over the past 12 years and my father is now showing signs of some type of dementia as well. One of the early triggers for recognizing my mom’s […]

Who Really Pays for Streets? We All Do.

If I had a dollar for every time I either hear or read that “people on bikes need to pay for streets” I could put in bike lanes all over Spokane, it seems at times. I see it on Facebook. I hear it from people. I read it in the media from people who should […]

How to Be a Good Guy/Gal on the Street

This post that you should share with all your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and personal conversation in (gasp!) real life was inspired by several influences. I’m modeling very directly on the first post so a shout-out to Anna North at Jezebel for providing inspiration and an outline to follow. Herewith, my source material, which […]

Meet Spokane’s Newest Complete Street: Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Not that I cheated and rode on the street before it was really, really complete or anything…. But on May 31 I had the joy of being the first rider on the officially opened Martin Luther King, Jr. Way on the south edge of the Riverpoint Campus where I work. The size of the crowd despite […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Way Is a Great Street–Hypothetically, That Is

The new Martin Luther King, Jr. Way–the name for the extension of Riverside Avenue east of Division–isn’t open yet. So of course no one has ridden a bike on it yet. Hypothetically speaking, the light skiff of snow that fell in mid-December might have lured some wayward person on a bike to take a right […]

We Get to Complete our Streets!

Kudos to the Spokane City Council for the 5-2* vote last night to enact the Complete Streets ordinance. A round of applause and a bouquet of locally grown flowers for Kitty Klitzke of Futurewise, who rallied the troops, circulated the petitions, and kept reminding us when to write, sign petitions, and go testify. More flowers […]

Don’t Settle for Incomplete Streets!

Some people are asking why we need complete streets. Let’s turn this question on its head: Why would we ever put in place designs, approval processes and funding streams dedicated to making our streets INcomplete? What possible rationale could anyone suggest with a straight face for designing streets that make it difficult to get to a bus […]

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