Travel Takeaways: Physical Effects from a Long Bike Tour

A week after wrapping up the longest bike travel effort I’ve ever undertaken, what’s going on physically in addition to the mental and professional aftereffects? I did a reasonably good job of preparing myself physically for the trip and I’m really glad I trained. Each day definitely left me knowing that I’d ridden a loooong way, and […]

SoDo Is So Terrific! Bikespedition #2 a Must-Shop (Part I)

The Second Avenue stretch of SoDo offers so much for the bikespeditioning* shopper that I’m writing a two-parter. We started by parking our bikes in the rack made of bike frames by the west entrance of the Spokane Public Market, a destination at the corner of Second Avenue and Browne for people interested in talking to […]

Bike-Friendly Restaurants

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend in downtown Spokane. When she asked where we should go for lunch, I suggested two places–both specifically because they have a bike rack in front or within the same block. Now, I have various coping mechanisms when I go to a business that doesn’t offer a bike rack. […]

Bikespedition #1: Carnegie Square

“Did you bike here? Do you want to bring your bikes inside?” Now that’s something you don’t hear every day from a shop owner! What an auspicious start to Saturday’s Bikespedition to Carnegie Square: the collection of distinctive local shops clustered around the corner of First and Cedar on the west end of downtown Spokane. […]

Time to Embark! Whither Bikespedition #1?

Seldom do I need much excuse to ride my bike. Or to get something yummy to eat. Or to shop. (Should I ever have any hesitation about the latter, there’s always my dear friend Betsy the Enabler: “How about a quick run to Froyo and Nordie’s? Atticus and Auntie’s?”) But how perfect is it to […]

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