Oct 292017
Mmmm, It’s Coffeeneuring Season

I love riding my bike.

I love coffee.

Therefore #coffeeneuring is a perfect fit. Or, well, I try to make it fit. Riding my bike to seven places over seven weekends for coffee or a similar beverage, or whatever else a challenge requires, always sounds easy. Then life intervenes.

Bike racks outside the Desert Rose Cafe, Williamsport, MD> Note their strategic location: Bike Route signage right there.

I’ve taken a run at it a few times in the past, to mixed results. Last time I really nailed the requirements was 2014. I don’t stress out on challenges since they’re all just for fun. (Right, you people who argue over tenths of miles to prove who rode the farthest?)

This year got off to a very fun start. Sweet Hubs and I were sitting in the Desert Rose Cafe in Williamsport, MD, Day 8 on our bike tour fueling up before rolling out. I glanced at Twitter and saw a tweet from Jamie Lynn Morgan, @IdahoBikeGirl, that reminded me coffeeneuring was getting under way. And there I was in a coffee shop–how handy!

Map of our two-trail trek on the wall at Desert Rose Cafe.

This was an especially great place to kick it off. Other bike travelers sat near us, the two bike racks out front both had bikes on them, and the walls held a map of the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath and a poster showing all the milestones along the C&O. Could we feel any more welcome as biking customers?

Our coffee stop the next day took place in Harper’s Ferry, where we needed to stop to get a screw for my rack since the C&O surface had shaken one right out. Eric carried our bikes one at a time up the spiral staircase to access the bridge across the river from the Towpath into town, which sits on not only the C&O but also the Appalachian Trail and regional connections. No bike rack and unfortunately I wasn’t hungry enough to try the maple apple pie, but doesn’t that sound delicious?

Next up after coffeeneuring (note that one ride can potentially apply to more than one challenge, for those who just looove to tally your rides):

Coffeeneuring : Sun. Oct. 15. Williamsport, MD, Desert Rose Cafe. Two bike racks. Consumed breakfast bagel, cinnamon roll, lots of coffee. 30 miles

Coffeeneuring : Mon. Oct. 16 (a Monday is permitted under the “Spirit of Coffeeneuring” rule–while on the trip we didn’t really keep track of what day of the week it was). Harper’s Ferry, WV, Coffee Mill. No bike racks. Just had coffee, still thinking about that missed pie opportunity. 40 miles

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