Apr 042014
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This pic inspired my Day 3 theme: Color.
This pic inspired my Day 3 theme: Color.

In the major leagues batting .500 would be worth millions. In 30 Days of Biking, it means I didn’t get on my bike every single day in some of my attempts in the past couple of years since I heard of the event and started signing up.

That’s okay, because some things really are bigger than bicycling. Even the seemingly simple challenge of just getting on your bike every single day can be preempted by life.

Blogging about it helps keep me on track. Even if no one ever read my ride reports the results would be there for the world to see. I’ve gone back and forth on tracking my miles and have decided I’m a record-keeper by nature. (I have a Fitbit now — I’m just feeding this compulsion.)

So here I am, back at it, keeping a record of the April 2014 attempt. To add to the challenge I’m taking on something similar to my 30 Days of Biking and Blogging of September 2011. This year it’s on the Washington Bikes blog, where I do more of my bike blogging these days.

Picking up on the “one word” meme a bit along with the idea that every bike picture tells a story, I’ll be posting one word and one picture to represent something about each day’s bicycling.

I gave myself a head start by brainstorming a list after Day 1, but Days 3 and 4 both gave me words I didn’t have on the list. It will unfold as it will.

Word/picture of the day so far:

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