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30 Days of Biking April 2014: I Did It!

Opening myself up to the prospect of public confession and associated humiliation if I can’t ride my bike every day certainly does the trick. I successfully completed #30daysofbiking this April.

The one rule of 30 Days of Biking

The one rule of 30 Days of Biking

Similar to my blog-a-day self-imposed challenge in September 2011, I made it harder on myself by committing at the beginning to writing a blog post every day on a word that emerged as the theme for that day’s riding. I started with a whole list of words I brainstormed in case my well of inspiration ran dry along the way, and never looked at it after I got started. Bicycling and paying attention provided more than enough words along the way.

30 Days of Biking, 30 Words, 30 Pictures

Your Turn

  • Did you do 30 Days of Biking?
  • Did it make a difference for your riding habits?
  • Share the links if you blogged about it.
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2 Comments to "30 Days of Biking April 2014: I Did It!"

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  2. […] to a commitment definitely helps keep me on track. I saw that in 2014 when I set myself up to post a word and picture every day of #30DaysofBiking. I managed it in April 2013 and September 2011, another year that I made extra work for myself by […]

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