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Jamie Lynn Morgan, Hayden, Idaho, with her 1935 Elgin Classic Cruiser
Jamie Lynn Morgan, Hayden, Idaho, with her 1935 Elgin Classic Cruiser

Name: Jamie Lynn Morgan

Location: Hayden Lake, Idaho

Things Jamie does:

I am a craft-beer-loving bicycle-riding wife to one and mother to three. Currently I’m the owner of a travel and tourism marketing company (I just use my name for the company name as I am a one-person operation at the moment). Living in the Inland Northwest offers so many opportunities for outdoor activities, but I have to admit I am not a winter sport person; I prefer biking, camping, hiking, and other warm weather sports. When not working to promote craft beer, dining, and activities in the Northwest you will find me homeschooling two of my three children (oldest has two years of college under her belt), teaching as a new instructor at the North Idaho College Workforce Training Center, planning outings for our Bikes and Brews Crew bicycle club, and studying to be a certified beer Cicerone.

Who or what made a difference in your life that got you on a bike?

I have always loved riding, but I would have to say that my parents buying me my first purple bicycle got me started and living 15 miles out of town for a portion of my teenage years (and not having a driver’s license–wasn’t old enough yet) showed me how efficient riding a bike can be when you want to get somewhere.

Tell us about your bike(s) and accessories.

I actually have two of my own. 1. 1935 Elgin Classic Cruiser (the one in the picture). 2. Jaguar 7 Speed Cruiser and several other ones to choose from in my husband’s collection that he has for sale for different types of rides. But 99% of the time I am on one of mine.

What type(s) of riding do you do? How often, what destinations, and how far?

I like all kinds of different rides, from short commuting in town to longer rides that include several miles in a day. I would someday like to travel around the United States by bicycle, but that is for when the kids are out of house or at least all old enough to fend for themselves.

What’s the most common question you get asked when you bike somewhere?

You really rode 20 miles on that seat?

What do you usually wear when you ride?

Since I am a casual rider (meaning I will never race or get anywhere in a big hurry) I am usually just wearing what I have on for the day: shorts, jeans, blouses, t-shirts etc.

What things do you wish were different about your bike and gear or women’s clothing or both that would make it easier to bike and look good, or at least bike and be comfortable?

I would like there to be more options for carrying the things you need in more fun colors and made for women. I don’t bedazzle, so the stuff I buy must already have the bling going on. Clothing that is more comfortable and suited for long rides but still fashionable is definitely on my wish list. My cute shorts don’t always work well for long rides.

What does this area need to make it an even better place for women to ride their bikes?

More education for drivers and bicyclists and MORE bike friendly roads and or bike paths. I’m a little tired of having to sometimes go out of my way to get places because the more direct route is not bike-friendly.

What’s your proudest biking accomplishment?

Making it up the hill on Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive on the way out to Higgins Point without having to stop. (Has been awhile though–not sure if I could do it now)

What one word describes the way you feel most often when you ride?


What question didn’t I ask that you really want to answer?

Why would you rather ride your bike than drive your car?

We are always moving so fast through our daily lives and we miss so many things. The smells from the bakery, the older gentleman in his garden who gives you squash because you stopped to admire them, the sounds of nature, and just the ability to pause and take in the scenery. That is why I ride!

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