Oct 092011

You know your bike makes a difference in your life. It gives you a sense of independence or style or a respite from the demands of technology.

Think what your bike would mean to you if it represented the only way you could get to school and home again safely–so you could make it past the eighth grade–because the bike cuts down your three-hour walk to school.

That’s why I’ve created the Women Bike Blogs Team on World Bicycle Relief.

The list of Women’s Bike Blogs I’ve been collecting since fall 2010 is now up over 600 and continues to grow. I didn’t start building the list with the idea of reaching out for a fundraiser, but I have seen such community growing through our comments and links on each other’s blogs, the Twitter conversations, the connections and support, that I know an incredibly giving spirit resonates there.

If 10% of the women on the list, just 60 bloggers, raised $134 each–the donation that provides one bicycle–that would be $8,030. Dreaming a little bigger, what if we sponsored an entire school? That’s $15,000. We’d get pictures of the school and stories from the students whose lives we have changed forever, and I promise you’ll see them posted here.

We can do it!

If you’re a woman who writes a bike blog, will you post about this effort? Share the link to the team page, enlist friends and family, talk it up on Facebook and Twitter, and inspire your blog readers.

If you want to join or give–even $5 helps!–go to this page on World Bicycle Relief. You can search for my personal fundraising page under Barb Chamberlain and give there, or join the Women Bike Blogs team.

Still wondering if it really makes a difference? Watch this.

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