Dec 042012
Back Some New Bike Fashions from Iva Jean

It’s time to highlight some new items in development at Iva Jean, the Seattle-based bike fashion designer. I’ve been eyeballing their rain cape for some time now–and have a lot more reason to get one now that I’m living in Seattle with its lovely moist winter.

I’m excited to see the new Reveal Skirt, Two-Way Reflective Vest, and Daily Blouse join the line-up. If you want to help these come to market sign up for the Iva Jean Kickstarter campaigns and be the first one on your block to sport the new looks.

The Reveal Skirt is made of the same awesome Swiss fabric I adore in my Outlier Tailored Women’s Daily Riding Pant, so that’s a big plus right there. And it will allow me to revive the inner pencil-skirt-wearing me who’s had to lay low while I learned to love a little flare at the knee and master the skirt scoot maneuver.

The Two-Way Reflective Vest is high-vis without being obvious about it. In gray/silver it should accessorize well over lots of colors in your wardrobe.

The Daily Blouse is a cute little cotton number that looks great for summer, cut with room to move.

While I stick with my general assertion that a lot of women’s clothing can work for bicycling, with or without a little adaptation, it’s also great to see specific bike needs by fashion designers. With a little extra thoughtfulness in choice of fabric and cut, styles that aren’t bike-friendly at first glance–like the typical pencil skirt, especially one made out of a woven fabric that doesn’t give–can become a great-looking wardrobe addition on and off the bike.

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Your Turn
  • What article of clothing have you found to be unfriendly for bicycling that you’d like to see Iva Jean or another designer take a crack at?


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