May 012011

“On a Roll with….” will feature interviews with women who bike in style. I’m compiling a list of interviewees I’d love to catch up with and working on the questions I’ll ask them.

This isn’t just about “notable” women (although I’m proud to say we have some notable women leaders who bike!). It’s about talking with women who make biking part of their lives (mostly without making a huge frickin’ deal out of it) and who manage it with style and grace.

Here is the beginnings of a list of women I’d love to talk with:

And here are some questions I might ask:

  • Tell me about your bike(s).
  • What type(s) of riding do you do? How often, what destinations, and how far?
  • What’s the most common question you get asked when you bike somewhere?
  • What do you usually wear when you ride?
  • What things do you wish were different about your bike and gear or women’s clothing or both that would make it easier to bike and look good, if that’s something you think about?
  • Who or what made a difference in your life that got you on the bike?
  • What does Spokane need to make it an even better place for women to ride their bikes?
  • What question didn’t I ask that you want to answer?

Your Turn

  • Who would you like to see interviewed? How about you?
  • What questions would you like to see answered?

We’re Rolling!

I’ll update this list as I add interviews.

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Reader Comments

  1. You must chat with Katherine Widing, travel writer, specializing in books on cycle touring. She’s involved with Spokefest and Spokane Parkways and has lived in Spokane for about a year! She rides with Belles and Baskets too.

  2. Great! I’ll add her to the list.
    More names I thought of after writing this:
    Kitty Klitzke, Spokane coordinator for Futurewise and a follow member of the Spokane Regional Transportation Council’s Transportation Advisory Committee with me
    Angie Feser, landscape architect and triathlete with Team Blaze
    Erika Prins, writer and campaign manager for City Council candidate John Waite
    Pia Hallenberg Christensen, Spokesman-Review blogger (who has a head start on all of us; she’s from a country where everyone bikes!)
    Anne Irmer, vanpool coordinator for Spokane Transit and another triathlete/bike racer
    Wynne O’Brien Persons, bike racer

    There are so many!

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