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#30DaysofBiking 2015: I’m Rolling

The one rule of 30 Days of Biking

So far so good for the annual 30 Days of Biking challenge. It’s April 8 and I’ve ridden my bike every day.

That’s sort of a “duh”, usually, at least on weekdays since I ride every day either all the way to work or to the bus stop if I need to capture the email time. But I do find the 30 Days commitment to push me to ride on days when I might otherwise get caught up in household chores (or binge watching “The Killing”).

Tessa (Tessaract), the folding bike. It's a Giant Expressway 2 and folds really easily. I'm getting over feeling like a Shriner when I ride it....
Tessa (Tessaract), the folding bike. It’s a Giant Expressway 2 and folds really easily. I’m getting over feeling like a Shriner when I ride it….

April 1: One of those check-the-box rides too short to measure mileage. I’d stayed home from work (a bit under the weather). When we were starting to get ready for bed I told my husband, “I may not finish all 30 days, but if I don’t start I’ve already given up.” So I wheeled out Tessa (short for Tessaract, my cute little folding bike who owes her name to creative friends on Twitter) and rode a few blocks to the end of our street and back. Quiet, dark, dry streets, no traffic, its own kind of special delight I just wished were longer.

April 2: 8.0 miles. Still home; ventured out for a ride to/from Grateful Bread and Top Pot Doughnuts for a coffee and treats date with my sweetie.

April 3: 9.5 miles. Another trip to/from Ventoux Roasters (our new favorite–very bikey owners), this one for a business meeting. In my job I work from home fairly often, as email is email no matter where you go. Or as I like(?) to say, “Sufficient unto each day is the email thereof.”

April 4: 8.95 miles. Rode downtown with Sweet Hubs to go to dinner and a show with my sister and her partner. Nice surprise for her, as she didn’t know we would be there. (I was “still sick” as far as she knew.)

April 5: 9.62 miles. OK, this one’s a bit of a trick. Our social expedition to see the Shen Yun dancers (wow!) and then go out afterwards for more treats kept us out past midnight so my round trip started on Saturday, wrapped up on Sunday. We pedaled home in the cold and dark, enjoying quieter streets than usual in our busy city.

April 6: 5.35 miles. One of these days when I biked to the bus and then to meetings during the day and to the She Bikes launch event with Cascade Bicycle Club. Friend Elizabeth Kiker, executive director of Cascade, offered me a ride home (it was 9:30) and the good folks at Cascade gave my bike a lift to their headquarters, which is about 15 minutes from my house.

Check out the awesome Share the Road license plates on our car.
Check out the awesome Share the Road license plates on our car.

April 7: 16.03 miles. Sweet Hubs ran me down to Cascade to pick up the bike. I rode from there to work, which gave me a different route that included the Burke-Gilman Trail. Usually I’m all on-street, with some bike lanes and the two-way protected bike lane on 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle at the end. In the evening I headed south to Georgetown to go out with some fellow nonprofit executive types. Cool Seattle neighborhood that I hadn’t yet had an excuse to check out.

On to week two with a trip to Spokane for the Spokane Bike Swap.

PS: I realized in looking back that I’m blogging so little it appears the only things that make me write in recent months are these challenges, from coffeeneuring (success in 2015) to errandonnee (not so much–National Bike Summit and our own statewide bike conference intervened) to this. I write a lot more about bicycling on the Washington Bikes blog these days.

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  1. I like the idea of this blog. I am not sure if I can bike 30 days, day by day. Is it going to be another 30 Days of Biking challenge this year?

  2. Great, taking part in the biking challenge is really a very big deal! Anyways, how is the progress of that challenge?

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