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Women with bike wearing a Ruu-Muu exercise dress for biking, walking, and generally looking cute while you exercise

Belles and Baskets bike club founder Betsy Lawrence is cuteness personified in the Bluebelle Ruu-Muu. We promise this will become your #1 go-to outfit for summer fun. With this on over bike shorts you just feel a bit more dressed when you stop at the coffee shop.

Bike Style Spokane fills the gap between Nordstrom’s and the local bike shop with comfortable, stylish choices in clothing, accessories, and bike gear. We are constantly looking for new products that fit with our purchasing philosophy and values and that help you look good and enjoy the ride.

Look for our products at special shopping events and area street fairs. Check the Events tab for updates, become our friend on Facebook, and follow @BikeStyleSpok on Twitter for updates.

We don’t yet have an e-commerce function on the site (someday!). If you see something you absolutely must have and are in the Spokane area, drop us an email and we’ll figure out how to connect with your heart’s desire between events.

Send us your ideas for more products to order in; we know you’d much rather see/touch/feel/try on/check out something before buying, which is why we started with events, not a virtual shopping cart.

Sensible Style for Women who Move

Pedal Panties: More than underwear, less than bike shorts. A touch of lightly padded comfort under regular clothes.

Silky wicking fabric, no panty line, and just enough padding that you and your bike saddle can still be friends at the end of the day.

Nuu-Muus & Ruu-MuusThe cutest dress you’ll ever sweat in! Great for biking, tennis, yoga, running and other active movement. Made by a women-owned company based in Bellingham, Nuu-Muu is a member of 1% for the Planet, a business organization that donates 1% of all sales to environmental organizations. Nuu-Muu: $70. Ruu-Muu (with pocket): $80.

Pedal Panties: More than underwear, less than bike shorts–equally perfect under those Nuu-Muus or your buttoned-down office look. Sleek and sexy quick-dry performance fabric with a thin, breathable cushion for comfort on the saddle without that sensation that you’re wearing a Depends. Made in California by a women-owned company. Available in teal (shown), lilac, black, or new red. $36 ($30 when purchased with a Nuu-Muu/Ruu-Muu–just because we think this is such a rockin’ awesome combo for easy rides and weekend errands.)

Save Our Soles: Great bike socks with a wide and wild variety of patterns. Flowers, hearts, cats, or cups of coffee–you name it, we probably have it on a pair of socks. Most $10; some $12-$14

Ana Nichoola cycling gloves for women. White crocheted back, light blue bow, loops between fingers for easy removal.

Ana Nichoola cycling gloves for women definitely fall at the intersection of style, comfort, and functionality.

Ana Nichoola Gloves: We scored the last of these spring/summer/fall pretty crocheted gloves. Designed by an English woman who races bikes, these gloves give you real functionality with nicely padded palms and a feature you won’t be able to live without it once you’ve had it: loops between the fingers that make it a snap to pull the gloves off quickly instead of peeling them off. The design features a crocheted back and light blue bow on the velcro tab closure. Note that these run small. You will need to try them on to get the right size. Quantities extremely limited. $45/pair

Carry On

Donkey BoxxPerfect for trips to the farmers’ market or a day of errands! Each box can hold a full grocery bag. Practical box-like bicycle panniers made of 80% recycled corrugated plastic fasten to your bike with zip ties. Manufactured by Minnesota Diversified Industries, which employs people with disabilities. $28/Boxx

Donkey Boxx Bike Carrier made in US from 80% recycled material

The Bike Style Donkey Boxx with a typical farmers' market load.

Po Campo Bike Bags and Panniers: No one will ever guess that pretty purse is actually designed to strap onto your handlebars–until you show them. Not just for biking–great to strap onto strollers too! Made in Chicago by a woman-owned company. Prices vary.

They’ll Know You’re There

Spoke-N-Wheel Bike Bells: Customized by a mom in Los Angeles with fun phrases and 3D features like flowers and animals. $20-$22

Bike Wrappers: Like reflective clothing for your bike–style & safety both. Made by a small California company. $40 for a set of 3 to cover frame tubes

Reflective stickers for your bike, helmet, and other gear: Made by creative folks at Spokane’s own Hydra Creations. We’ll keep adding colors and designs as we learn what you like. Tell us what sticker images you’d want to have reflecting in that driver’s high beams! $1.50/ea or 4/$5

Po Campo Loop Pannier in "Free Bird" fabric with a laptop inside.

Po Campo Loop Pannier in "Free Bird" fabric with a Lenovo ThinkPad inside. Water-resistant/fade-resistant fabrics, practical design, but so pretty no one will guess it's made to attach to your bike. Now that's bike style!

And More!

Bike-themed jewelry, Action Wipes for grown-ups (your face isn’t a baby’s butt–don’t wipe it like one), BPA-free stainless steel Bike Style water bottles, and other goodies.

This post will be updated with more products as they arrive and we’ll get more images posted too.

Sign up at to subscribe to blog posts and notices about future events, and keep riding with style!

Nuu-Muu & Ruu-Muu exercise dresses. Close-up 8-14-11 by Andrea Parrish Geyser
Nuu-Muu & Ruu-Muu exercise dresses come in the most beautiful fabrics!
Gorgeous close-up shot by Andrea Parrish Geyser, Hydra Creations.
Bike Style Spokane stainless steel water bottle close-up by Andrea Parrish Geyser

We offer BPA-free stainless steel water bottles with Bike Style. Photo by Andrea Parrish Geyser, Hydra Creations.

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