Aug 302011

Barb Chamberlain, Bike Style Spokane, wearing a Nuu-Muu and a hat by Old Man's Pants at the 2011 South Perry Street FairWe’ll have our usual great line-up and some new things at a couple of events in September. Come say hi and get a little something to wear to Spokefest, a Belles and Basket ride, or tooling around town, for yourself or for the biking friend you love.

First Friday, Sept. 2: Noon-7pm at the LaunchPadINW Co-working Space, 120 N. Stevens.

You’ll find us right next to Nectar Tasting Room, which means you’ll definitely want one of the “wine socks” we offer from Save Our Soles. Buffer that bottle in your pannier to keep it intact on the ride home.

What, no pannier, you say? Then you’ll want a Donkey Boxx (room for lots of bottles!) or a Po Campo bag.

And if you’re heading out on the Belles and Baskets Riverside State Park Ride Sept. 4 (Men’s Auxiliary welcome) this is your chance to rock a Nuu-Muu or Ruu-Muu on the ride!



SpokeFair at SpokeFest, Sunday Sept. 11: 8am-2pm at the Gondola Meadows in Riverfront Park.

Before or after you get rolling with around 2,000 other happy people on a beautiful ride through the Spokane River Gorge, get your cute on with a Nuu-Muu, some socks, or some reflective stickers to dress up your bike, fenders, helmet, and panniers.

What We Carry: Here’s the line-up of Bike Style Spokane products. No, we don’t have e-commerce yet so you need to catch up with us at one of our events or send an email to and we’ll find a way to connect.

Please hit “forward” or “share” and tell your biking friends where they can find some style!

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