Jul 272011

Cute silver penny farthing bike necklace.Pretend you’re designing the future Bike Style Spokane catalog. What would you want to see in it?

As we look for additional products to add to the mix, we’ve identified some ideas and need your help as our online focus group to tell us which ones are worth hunting down. We just asked this in a much shorter version on Facebook too; no harm done if you answer in both spots.

As always, we’re looking for things not readily available in local bike shops; we cater to a more specialized/niche market and have to find manufacturers willing to supply our very small volume. They also need to fit the values/philosophy outlined in Thoughts on Shopping and Shopping for a Better World: Made as close to home as possible with components and a manufacturing process that keep health and sustainability in mind.

Some of the items aren’t for riding per se–they would answer the question, “What do I buy as a gift for that friend of mine who rides a bike when I don’t know what she/he needs for riding?”

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