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Lovin’ the Lace: Review of Sheila Moon Lingerie Liners and Knickers

Sheila Moon white bolero, black lace-trimmed lingerie knickers, and a Ruu-Muu. Perfect for all kinds of riding--quick-dry performance fabrics with style and comfort. The helmet cover from Hub and Bespoke (available through Bike Style) adds a nice British flair, don't you think?

When I first put on the Sheila Moon “Lingerie” knickers—trimmed with pretty lace at the cuff and waistband—I thought, “Oh, that’s right—this is why I like Pedal Panties.”

This is not my backside. Photo courtesy of Sheila Moon.

You see, Pedal Panties, which I like to describe as “more than underwear, less than bike shorts,” serve as my everyday wear for bike commuting. With their silky no-show fabric and light touch of soft lining, they provide a little extra cush for my tush without creating what I refer to as “the full diaper” effect.

Last year, in fact, I think I may have worn bike shorts a grand total of once. I rode 18-mile days in Nuu-Muus and Pedal Panties quite happily. As an everyday rider I’ve toughened up the ol’ sit bones and after years of search I’ve found a saddle that makes me reasonably happy (a Serfas Terazzo Gel, for the record, but since saddle selection is so personal that has little to do with your best option).

But within minutes I paid the knickers what I would consider the highest possible compliment for any pair of bike shorts: I forgot about them.

This does not always happen with bike shorts, as I’m sure you can attest. Common issues I’ve encountered:

  • Something about the lining hits you in the wrong spot and you keep thinking about your inner thighs.
  • The thread has a quality you find scratchy despite the manufacturer’s effort to find soft, yet strong thread (hey, that’s us women bicyclists—soft yet strong).
  • The finish on the chamois seemed butter-soft in the shop but it isn’t as friendly an hour into the ride.
  • The elastic around the legs is a little too assertive and you feel like you’ve been stuffed into sausage casings.
  • The padding is too much (Papa Bear) or too little (Mama Bear) and you want Baby Bear (just right).

None of these problems emerged with the Sheila Moon product, designed by a woman for women.

Sheila Moon Lingerie Knickers: Lace-trimmed bike knickers. At long last, some cute bike clothing for women!
This close-up of my leg shows you the waffle-weave fabric in the Sheila Moon Lingerie Knickers. You may not want that little bit of show-through on your (ahem) assets but (a) wear a Nuu-Muu/Ruu-Muu or a Sweet Spot Skirt and it doesn’t matter a bit, and (b) whoever notices this simply should not be that paying that kind of attention to the anatomy covered by the product.

My first wearing of the knickers was actually for the Spokane Bike Swap, not a bike ride, which is kind of a funny test. But they stayed comfy all day long while I stood, walked, lifted, carried, and generally moved around.

Few of us would put bike shorts on just to wear all day as our regular shorts of choice but these worked just fine in that capacity and looked screamin’ cute under a Ruu-Muu with a little Sheila Moon bolero to keep my shoulders warm.

Next test was a bit more real-world as far as biking: 25 miles with a lot of hills. The knickers performed equally well under those conditions.

I’m not one who likes a whole wad of padding but I do want something if I’m riding some distance and the amount on these was just right for me. That’s another YMMV (your mileage may vary) calculation that’s very personal for each woman.

Important feature: The lace trim around the legs and waistband is really comfortable!

I don’t know about you and your personal muffin-top setting but I don’t like the feeling of spilling over the waistband of most bike shorts when I lean into the handlebars, nor do I like the nice little red line I get as a result. The lace—a wide and stretchy band of around two inches—gives gently instead of squeezing for all-day comfort.

I have a pair of knickers I bought some time ago for the knee-covering warmth that I’ve essentially retired (aka, stuffed clear in the back of the drawer) because of the incredible discomfort I get from the tourniquets they apply at the top of the calf. The Sheila Moon knickers had no such problem. I had a cute little light lace imprint on my calf when I peeled them off but none of that feeling of returning circulation created by overconstricting elastic.

Sheila Moon white bolero, Sheila Moon black lingerie knickers, Ruu-Muu, Donkey Boxx, all on my road bike set up as a commuter with rack etc.
Sheila Moon white bolero, black lace-trimmed lingerie knickers, and a Ruu-Muu. Perfect for all kinds of riding–quick-dry performance fabrics with style and comfort. The helmet cover from Hub and Bespoke (available through Bike Style) adds a nice British flair, don’t you think?

I wore a pair of the lingerie liners—a flattering mid-thigh shorts length—another day and had a similar comfy experience. That was at the Windermere Marathon Fitness Expo, a fun event packed with women and men getting ready to run a half or full marathon the next day.

The owner of Wahine Sport, another booth on my aisle, kept coming back to check out the knickers and trying them on to decide what size to get. She’s tiny and the knicker length made a really cute pair of almost-leggings on her (and looked really cute with the fun clothes she designs and sells—check out her site). Another friend bought a pair of the shorts length to wear on a trip to Vegas with a dress she thinks is just an itsy-bitsy bit too short; the lace peeking out will be adorable and she’ll have something with some utility after the trip.

The fabric in the lingerie weight is a very light waffle weave with tiny holes for breathability. Sheila warned me that some might not find this quite enough cover to wear as shorts.

Sheila Moon black dress, white bolero, white lace-trimmed bike shorts. Cute and stylish bike clothes for women ARE out there.
You too can look rockin’ hot in lace-trimmed shorts or knickers and a little bolero over a dress. Not your granny’s biking outfit and further proof that it’s possible to look cute and stylish on a bike. Photo courtesy of Sheila Moon.

I don’t have any misgivings personally, and I’m not the flasher type. Coupled with my propensity to wear a Nuu-Muu (or my new find, the Sweet Spot Skirt—review coming soon) instead of a jersey, I’m wearing these as my new regular bike shorts. I really like the give of the fabric; it follows the body the way you expect bike shorts to without the serious grip of Spandex.

If you wanted to wear them under a pair of baggy shorts you could. Based on my own comfort level, I could also see wearing the knickers all day for work under a spring dress with a pair of flats and being perfectly happy. This is not something I have ever said about any pair of bike shorts I’ve owned, and this is certainly the only pair of bike bottoms I own with lace trim.

Top points to Sheila Moon for comfort and style.

Where to find Sheila Moon: In Spokane, check in with me for the next Bike Style shopping event. Online, check out her full line of dresses, boleros, and other items.

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh, heck, start with the cuteness! Then you’ll really be motivated to deal with the hardware.

    You are definitely a lovely lamb and will look great in the outfit. I mentioned the woman with the beautiful white hair who stopped by our booth at the Windermere Marathon to show all her friends her Nuu-Muu fabric; she looked so adorable in it!

    I will follow up with an email to plan some try-on time with you (something I’m willing to do for anyone who is able to connect with me in Spokane, by the way).

  2. Didn’t have enough time to try anything on at your 2-wheel event. How could I do that? The knickers & dresses were mighty cute, and I’d like to see if they look ok on old moi, not wanting to go for the “mutton dressed as lamb” look.

    I ‘spose I should invest in the hardware first, but…

  3. I am in love with the lingerie liners too!! One of the best uses was wearing them under my dress when I rode my bike to coachella. What a life saver!!!
    I love sheila products!!

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