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Riding Down Memory Lane: December

Don’t assume December will be too wet, cold, icy or snowy to ride. Even living in the four-season climate in Spokane I often rode on bare, dry roads in md-December. If you have the right clothing to go for a walk in December, you have what you need for winter bicycling. As the outdoorsy folks like to say, “There’s no bad weather, only bad gear.” It’s genuinely wonderful to ride in the cold and experience the winter wonderland directly.

Reminder of December Bike Events

: The folks at the Love to Ride app promote this one and it’s a fun alliterative name, so why not? Or use , another of the ones I included n my roundup of hashtags related to biking.

Depending on where you live, December might also be when you realize you’re participating in the Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge.

Riding Down Memory Lane: The Ghosts of Decembers Past

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