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30 Days of Biking, September 2011: The Biking Blogging Series

In April 2011 I didn’t manage to complete the 30 Days of Biking challenge for various reasons. So I was delighted to see the challenge come around again in September, which generally offers beautiful riding conditions in my hometown of Spokane.

To make the 30 days more interesting, I took on the additional personal challenge of writing a blog post every day in September. My usual pace is more like a post every 2-3 days so this represented a huge increase in output. (Or, looking at it another way, I blew content that could have carried me through a good three months in one month.)

I included posts in my usual categories such as Blogspeditions and On a Roll With, wrote quite a few how-to posts to help people who might be thinking about bike commuting get ready, and kept up my routine of telling you about my biking in skirts and high heels–completely normal and unremarkable in many countries around the world, but recognizable enough on the streets of Spokane that total strangers call out, “Hi, Barb!” when I pedal past.

Here’s the final tally of posts in my 30 Days of Biking Blogging Inspiration & How-to Series for Sept. 2011 30 Days of Biking:

  1. 30 Days of Bike Commuting: You Can Do It! (6.9 miles)
  2. Why We Ride/Resolve to Ride–A Blogspedition (6.59)
  3. Preparing to Commute by Bike: Get the Worry out of the Way (4.87)
  4. Buying a Bike for Commuting: Some Questions and a Blogspedition (1.74)
  5. How to Bike Commute: Getting the Gear Together (5.56)
  6. Bike Commuting 101: Carrying Stuff (5.22)
  7. On a Roll with Wilma Flanagan (5.24)
  8. 30 Days of Biking: Week One Report (10.57)
  9. Ride with your Community: SpokeFest Rocks! (7.41)
  10. There and Back Again: How to Pick your Bike Commute Route (8.28)
  11. Intro to Bike Commuting: Route Selection Part 2 (7.74)
  12. More Bike Commuting Route Selection Tips: Part 3 (7.67)
  13. Thinking Like a Driver vs. Thinking Like a Bicyclist (8.22)
  14. Biking as Downtime and other Musings on Overproductivity (8.00)
  15. 30 Days of Biking: Week Two Report (12.85)
  16. On a Roll with Katherine Widing (3.61)
  17. I Shouldn’t Assume (3.85)
  18. Falling Down on Your Bike. It Happens. To Grown-Ups. (0.55)
  19. Pretty Handy, Gloves. The Blogspedition Assumes You’ll Get ‘Em. (9.51)
  20. What to Wear for Your Bike Commute? Clothes. (5.69)
  21. How to Get a Dropped Bike Chain Back On, Grease-Free (6.17)
  22. 30 Days of Biking: Week Three! (9.6)
  23. Things I Now Do on My Bike Without Having to Think About It (13.8)
  24. It’s All in the Attitude (3.84)
  25. Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Risk and Trust (11.98)
  26. More Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Friendliness and Openness (5.71)
  27. Even More Mental Essentials for Bike Commuting: Tolerance, Humor, and Persistence (6.93)
  28. Bicycling Rites of Passage, Spokane Style (6.15)
  29. Dear Reader, I Chicked Him (9.06)
  30. 30 Days of Biking: Final Report (1.87)

Results: Biked every day and racked up 205.18 miles for the month.

And now, on to October!

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10 Comments to "30 Days of Biking, September 2011: The Biking Blogging Series"

  1. Congrats Barb! Excellent job! For my part, I fell quite short of 30 days but did as well as you did in miles –topping out at 199 for September. And most importantly, riding more frequently each week!

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