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Getting Married in Bike Style (A Blogspedition)

Today’s post is in honor of Eldest Daughter (my baby!), who at the tender age of 20 years old gets married today to her “Love Bear.”

In advance of dissolving in tears in my mother-of-the-bride dress (which I shopped for during 30 Days of Biking), I did a few searches for bicycle wedding images and ideas.

First, some wedding arrivals:

Descriptions of some bicycle weddings (no one I know–just cute stories and photos that might give you some ideas if you’re planning a bike wedding of your own):

Now for some bike-themed wedding decorations and ideas:

Custom print by Sofia Invitations and Prints, available on etsy

Good bike wedding gift: Print with tandem

Found on Flickr: This tandem-themed print that would make a nice wedding gift. Available on Etsy.

Custom cake topper with a bike theme for those of you on the “Tour d’Amour” by–

Custom bicycle wedding cake topper by makes custom bicycle wedding cake toppers.

A bike-themed wedding cake and a cute bicycle photo display idea:

bicycle-themed wedding cake and bike-shaped photo holder

And finally, a link to the Bicycle Weddings Pinterest board I started and will keep adding to as I see images.

Even though Kate and Tim don’t ride bikes together (yet) I know they’ll roll happily together up and down the hills and valleys of the lifelong road ahead. When one needs a rest, the other will pedal harder for a while. May the wind be at their backs and the grade never more than they can handle.

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3 Comments to "Getting Married in Bike Style (A Blogspedition)"

  1. Congratulations to Kate and Tim, and of course you, MoB!

  2. Thank you! It was a beautiful day and they’re a cute couple. You can look at a bit of the wonderful wedding photography by my biking friend Andrea Parrish Geyser at

    We had “grown-up lollipops” from, the company Andrea and her husband started, as our wedding favors, in fun flavors like Chai, Ginger, and Mint, all-natural ingredients, and a compostable stick and covering bag.

  3. April says:

    Gosh! You make bike weddings almost seem like a trend! I love that.

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