Jun 012023

Reminder of June Bike Events

Who needs an event to coax you into riding in June? I mean, beautiful spring days heading toward summer, flowers blooming, birds singing, frogs peeping are all “on offer” (as the bike race commentators like to say). Perhaps this explains why any formal bike events you might sign up for will primarily be a local organized group event.

All month long: National Bike Challenge continues.

You could also make this a month to keep rolling from #BikeEverywhere Month. Or perhaps this is the month you spend some time planning a trip that involves bike travel, whether that’s traveling by bike or with your bike via some other mode for the longer stretches.

June 3: World Bicycle Day. Ride your bike!

Riding Down Memory Lane: June Posts from the Past

The beautiful riding of June may also explain why I’ve written relatively few posts in this month in years past….

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