May 182018
30 Days of Biking 2018: Rolled All April

Some days in April 2018 definitely got a check-the-box ride for #30DaysOfBiking. Wheels touched ground, feet touched pedals, pedals and wheels turned but the bike time didn’t merit any cookies or confetti.

Some days counted for health, just not transportation, as I put in trainer miles to prep for our upcoming bike tour.

Periodically I realized what a lingering effect #errandonnee had on my mental frame–it felt funny to ride just to ride instead of riding for a really specific purpose.

Other days were worth a celebration, like the 63 or so miles up and down the hills of the South Sound area and Vashion Island on the Cascade Bicycle Club Ride for Major Taylor, and the once-in-a-lifetime route for the Emerald Bike Ride on the Highway 99 viaduct.

And some days were highlighted by the simple pleasures of a bike date or dinner with friends.

So why DO this? If the rides aren’t either entertaining, productive, or meaningful in some way, why bother?

One piece of the answer for me is simply to be able to say I did it successfully.

Another piece is the awareness and mindfulness required to think of something Every. Single. Day. So much of life can end up happening more or less on autopilot. Wake up. Drink coffee. Brush teeth. (Flossing is now automatic–thanks to a #30DaysOfFlossing personal challenge.)

Paying deliberate attention to something I would say is a habit makes me realize how many days I wouldn’t necessarily be on the bike for various reasons. Between driving to Olympia for meetings every so often, other travel, and sheer I’m-Tiredness it can be more days than I want to admit and more days than I’d want to have pass without moving my body in some way.

Some of the notable or memorable days:

Day 2: Notable mostly for me realizing that I was still in mode so I had to ride for a specific purpose, in this case a trip to the garden store.

Day 3: Raced the bus and won.

Day 6: A nice little neighborhood spin to admire early spring flowers.

Day 7: Bike date with my Sweet Hubs to the delicious GreenBridge Cafe.

Day 8: Rainy but rewarding Emerald Bike Ride.

Day 10: Dinner w/Stef & Corey.

Day 18: Amtrak to a meeting with a nice side trip to the glorious colors of the Skagit County Tulip Festival–another Tour des Fleurs.

Day 22; Ride for Major Taylor–biggest physical challenge of the month. Around 63 miles with hillshillshills climbclimbclimb.

Day 24: Cascade Bike Everywhere Breakfast,

Day 25 Sun and shadow.

Day 29-30: A great finish to the month with the Washington Bike Summit in Spokane.

And there it is: 2018 wrapped up with every day checked off..

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