May 102018
Play Bike Bingo! Great Excuse for a Bikespedition

Just for fun, a Bike Bingo Bikespedition card for you to play with during National Bike Month — or any time. It’s two-sided with activities chosen that try not to assume you do a certain type of riding. Some are inspired by my past participation in , , , the #BikeEverywhere challenge, and other bike events, some by my desire to break down stereotypes.

Rules are super-simple:

  1. Ride your bike.
  2. Check off a square when you’ve completed that activity.
  3. Count any given ride as one activity. If you go on a bike date in regular clothes, check one box or the other. Need to fill another square? Guess you’re going to have to have a second date (or a first date with someone else…).
  4. If you’re on social media talking about your ride tag it #BikeBingo. You can come drop a note on this blog’s Facebook page or tag @bikestylelife @barbchamberlain on Twitter.

I haven’t figured out if I’m going to have any kind of prize other than public recognition. I’ll compile a post with some of your more entertaining stories and pictures.


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