Jul 172013
What Biking Gives Me

What a bike ride home gives me at the end of the day:

  • exercise
  • fresh air
  • direct experience of neighborhoods I don’t live in and wouldn’t otherwise see up close
  • the chance to smile at a little kid holding his dad’s hand
  • an overheard snippet of another dad coaching his tween on skateboard skills
  • enjoyment of my body’s ability to power itself up a hill
  • exhilaration of a long downhill coast that lets me hit 35mph (woohoo!)
  • the think time in which to come up with a great idea and spend some time shaping it,
  • and a hearty appreciation for my sweetheart’s cooking at the end of the ride.

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Reader Comments

  1. I agree 100%. I telecommute and usually ride early AM and on my lunch. Today I rode after work. It was great. Now I am sitting on my deck wishing some one would bring me dinner! Ride on!

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