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In Which I Give Thanks for Biking

I started out thinking this was an easy post to write: things about biking and what it has done for me that make me thankful.

Then I realized it feels easy because I’ve already written a bunch of these posts, so I’d better round those up; they’re listed below under Related Reading.

When I describe what biking has done for me to people who don’t ride, I often use the word “transformational.” It’s not a word I use lightly, and it isn’t something that happened overnight.

I have a feeling I resemble people who want to tell you about their religious beliefs. (I hope people with deep religious beliefs won’t be offended by the comparison. It is Thanksgiving and I’m giving thanks.)

Biking pervades my life. It gives me a fresh perspective on myself and the world around me. It has brought me new friends and deepened old friendships. It has given me reasons and inspiration to engage in public policy to make my hometown a better place to live. It was one of the things I found I had in common with someone wonderful I fell in love with and will share the rest of my life with.

For so many reasons, I give thanks for biking.

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Your Turn

  • What are you thankful for that biking has given you?
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