Nov 032011

It’s too easy to complain about the bad drivers (or bad bikers). I want to start a movement in which we acknowledge and thank the good drivers. So here goes—short and sweet—

Tuesday afternoon (sunny, but chilly!) I was riding northbound on Howard in the bike lane, approaching Indiana, at around 4:30 on my way to an organizing meeting for next May’s Spokane Bike Month (yes, already!). The bike lane continues north of Indiana, but drivers often want to head east or west at this point so I’m always on the lookout.

A blue and silver pick-up truck with one of those silver utility boxes in the back, Washington plates, had passed me in the blocks leading to the signal at Indiana. As we all approached the signal the light turned green.

The driver ahead of the pickup proceeded through the intersection. The pickup driver had his right-turn signal going and pulled forward to the intersection; I was close behind. He waited—waited!—to see whether I planned to proceed straight north through the signal or turn right, as he was doing.

I signaled my intention to turn right. He turned. I turned. We were all safe, happy, and heading toward our destinations. No right-hook collision, as might have been the case had I been heading straight while he planned to turn, if neither of us had been paying attention to the way we shared the space at the intersection.

So simple, really. We just need to look out for one another a bit.

Thank you, Mr. Pickup Driver. Keep up the good work.

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  1. I’ve had a lot of good interactions with non-cyclists lately – from the walkers on the Centennial trail who thank me for announcing my presence to drivers who watch and wait to see my intentions at intersections. With all the us vs them attitudes out there, it is easy to be discouraged by a few bad seeds, but the more we do our part and show courtesy, the better is will be for all of us, no matter what kind of transportation we choose.

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