Jun 012012
Tab Set: A Reading Round-up Blogspedition

Don’t we all do this? Pop open a link from a friend’s status update on Facebook, another one from an email newsletter, a third from a tweet, a fourth from inside another article you haven’t quite finished reading so now you have two open instead of one…. They multiply, the little rascals!

Articles on biking and bicycling related to women, business, and moreLinks below are to news items I’m saving that may provide inspiration for a future blog post–or may not, if I accidentally close the tab without making a note inside a document somewhere first–so I’m posting them here as a blogspedition with no unifying theme other than the coincidence of having been read (or awaiting reading) within the same week or so. This is by no means an exhaustive list–just some of the top items.

Where are the Women Bike Commuters? on Sightline, a site I read regularly via Twitter and email links. As someone who writes a lot about biking, aiming particularly at women, I’m sorry that the data from Spokane in this piece on riding in Northwest cities represent too small a sample to draw any conclusions, although I know empirically that I see more people–and more women–riding than I saw when we started Bike to Work Week celebrations five years ago. This tab is still open because I’m not done reading the comments and I know I’ll want to add to them; I’ve actually read the piece twice.

Why Bicyclists are Better Customers for Local Business than Drivers: It’s on DC Streetsblog, which I follow on Twitter, but I found it by way of someone’s tweet about a Planetizen bit that linked to this. I’m saving this and similar resources as inspiration for a future post and my occasional (okay, frequent) discussions with businesspeople about why biking is good for their bottom line.

What does your bicycle mean to you? A question on Quora I’ve been meaning to answer. Lots of answers so far in the freedom and independence vein, which is one of my answers.

Several discussion items inside various LinkedIn groups like Bicycle to Work!, Bike Commuters, and Women in the Bicycle Industry; no point in linking because you’d have to be a group member to see them but there are some great connection/discussion spaces on LinkedIn, which might surprise you.

The Cycling Industry’s Elephant: This piece on GearGals is one I shared with the Women in the Bicycle Industry LinkedIn group. It captures many thoughts and experiences I’ve had over the years and reflects my belief that the industry hasn’t yet tapped into the real market of “the shopping species” in a big way.

Related Reading

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Your Turn

  • What have you been reading and enjoying lately on biking? I need more tabs to leave open waiting for me to get around to reading them.


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  2. Hi there! Thank you very much for linking to my article on Geargals.com. I really appreciate you reading and passing it on to your own readers. I’m glad the piece resonated with you – together we can change the cycling industry!



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