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A Life Manifesto on a Bike

I’m not really the manifesto type but this video by Holstee says it all. Sharing is karma–pass it along!

You’re the Catalog Buyer. What Do You Like?

Pretend you’re designing the future Bike Style Spokane catalog. What would you want to see in it? As we look for additional products to add to the mix, we’ve identified some ideas and need your help as our online focus group to tell us which ones are worth hunting down. We just asked this in a […]

Bike-Friendly Restaurants

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend in downtown Spokane. When she asked where we should go for lunch, I suggested two places–both specifically because they have a bike rack in front or within the same block. Now, I have various coping mechanisms when I go to a business that doesn’t offer a bike rack. […]

Thoughts on Shopping

A “buy local/buy good stuff/buy from real people” unmanifesto This site represents the basis for a community of women who bike with style and who support each other. I’m filling the toolkit over time with a few things I hope will help. 1) It’s a blog that I hope brings you value and builds the […]

Shopping for a Better World

The longer I live and the more I learn about how the world works, the more important it becomes to me to pay attention to the impacts my personal decisions have and how those represent my values. Once upon a time I carried around a little booklet, Shopping for a Better World. It ranked companies […]

The quest for the intersection of Style and Comfort