Jul 222011

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend in downtown Spokane. When she asked where we should go for lunch, I suggested two places–both specifically because they have a bike rack in front or within the same block.

Now, I have various coping mechanisms when I go to a business that doesn’t offer a bike rack. But when I have the choice to support a business with my dollars I’ll support one that recognizes a bike rack is a real drawing card for customers, whether they installed it themselves or were just smart enough to pick a good location or ask the building owner to put one in.

Bike racks at the Elk Restaurant, Browne's Addition, Spokane, WA
How many cars could you park in this spot? One. How many customers would you want if you owned that restaurant?

It’s a cost-effective drawing card, too. Did you know you can park anywhere from 8-16 bikes in the space of one car? If you owned a store or restaurant how many customers would you rather have–16 or one? That’s why the Elk in Browne’s Addition asked the city to remove a parking spot and install racks, then threw a big party to celebrate. As I pointed out in the post on Bikespedition #1 to Carnegie Square, biking customers can be our own mini-stimulus for the local economy–so easy to stop and shop lots of places!

Now don’t get me wrong. I do actually drive places! And I’m always happy to find a parking spot when I do. But if 8-16 of you happened to ride your bikes on the one day that I drive, think how much easier it is for me to score that spot. And if I’m one of the 8-16 biking and you’re the driver, you’re welcome. We’re all in it together, after all.

Since a spot for treats is an essential part of any good Bikespedition, I’d love to get your recommendations for restaurants, coffee shops, and delis that have a bike rack, whether they’re in Spokane or somewhere in the area that could make a nice destination for a ride. If you’re the restaurant owner feel free to tell us why you’re bike-friendly.

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite places to eat that have a bike rack available?

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Reader Comments

  1. Neato Burrito and Taste both have bike parking. Taste is along the bike lane on Howard too!

  2. Flying Goat! It’s close to the trail, and last summer they also gave bicyclists a dollar off beer.

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