May 012011

What’s a bikespedition, anyway? (and what’s with all the coinages involving -spedition?)

Bikespedition: Noun. Shopping expedition via bike to destinations that combine shopping, food, and bike racks or other good ways to secure your bike. A bikespedition post gives you the lowdown on where to ride for a great outing in the Spokane region with some treats along the way.

Some of the target-rich environments I’ll hit when the weather gets a little prettier (and if you want to go along for the ride, drop me a note in the comments!):

  • Main & Washington: Auntie’s, Santé or Hill’s
  • Garland District
  • West Main: Kizuri, Finders Keepers II, Isabella’s or Rocket Bakery
  • South Perry District: Veda Lux, Perry Street Cafe, South Perry Pizza
  • East Sprague International District
  • 2nd Ave.: Sun People Dry Goods, the string of little boutiques like Lolo and Tangerine, aNeMonE etc., and goodies at Taste
  • Carnegie Square: Carousel Vintage Clothes, Fringe & Fray, Rocket Bakery at 1st & Cedar, French Quarter chocolates just around the corner

Your Turn

Where would you lead a bikespedition to? (Yes, a preposition is something I will occasionally end a sentence with. And I majored in English and Linguistics. Tough grammar cookies.)

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Time to Embark! Whither Bikespedition #1? Poll added June 4, 2011

As for -spedition, I only use it for Blogspeditions and Bikespeditions. I used to take my daughters on “leafspeditions”–outings in the fall to bring home the most amazing leaves we could find. It thus has nostalgic value for me, plus it fits with the quest theme you’ll see popping up throughout the site and my posts. And someone has to coin new words–why not us?

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