Jun 112011
Monday: 7.8 miles. Gray skirt (a $4 steal at Goodwill, and it's lined!) with cute kick pleats this photo doesn't really show, cream sleeveless sweater top, light peachy/pink cardigan, gray Aerosole pumps. Some errands out of the office midday. I was going to wear white pants but the sky threatened clouds so I opted for the skirt; my legs are easier to get clean than white denim! And it never really rained--more of a light spitting at one point was all I encountered.
Tuesday: 7.19 miles. Tan capris, black lace top, leopard-print light cardigan borrowed from my almost-17-year-old daughter who is always stealing MY clothes, brown summer sandals. This is also further evidence that I am not a great fashion photographer.
Barb on a bike June 8, 2011, Spokane
Wednesday: 6.49 miles. Green jersey dress (a total score at Macy's 6th floor where they hide the bargains and so comfy for riding), black pumps. Photo by the lovely ladies of Design Spike.
Barb in her Thursday bike-riding outfit.
Thursday: 16.10 miles. Lots of meetings, including a round trip to Mukogawa Fort Wright Institute (about 4 miles outside downtown on a lovely route with rolling hills and a tree-lined bike path for much of the trip) for the Leadership Spokane graduation of a colleague. My Po Campo bags sure accessorize well with the two shades of turquoise--greenish capris, light blue jacket--with a white tank and white strappy summer sandals (which triggered at least four instances of the shoe/tone of voice phenomenon I wrote about on a Blogspedition post).
Barb Chamberlain on a bike in dress and high heels.
Friday. 5.79 miles. Started off early with a 6:45 a.m. ride to a breakfast meeting. Unfortunate impact with a sharp lip on a street construction project gave me a nice flat tire midday ("psssssh!") but other than that it was a great day for a ride. Periwinkle dress was another $4 find from Goodwill. Same strappy sandals, same "You didn't ride in THOSE" comments.
Saturday. 9.1 miles. A wonderful day: Breakfast with friends, the Farmers' Market for a bag full of veggie goodness, Pride Parade in downtown, a stop by the office, and home. Wearing my new Ruu-Muu, world's cutest exercise dress. Only day all week that I clipped in and wore the padded-butt look.

Total mileage for 6 days: 52.47

Total expended on gym membership, gas, and parking: $0.00

Total expended on being stupid and thinking I could hop a 2″ cement lip: $17.32 (took my bike to the shop instead of patching the tube myself–didn’t want chain grease on Friday’s periwinkle dress so this was my biking contribution to the local economy)

That last part was not typical. I usually don’t get flats and when I do, I know how to repair them–one of the things I love about biking since I feel more empowered and capable dealing with a bike than with a car.

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  1. Wednesday, 25 miles, the trip home wearing rain pants and screaming green jacket that taught me the difference between water resistant and water proof. I think my shoes are finally dry. 🙂

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