Aug 062023
Wheeling Sea to Sound

Fun moment on our 2018 spring bike touring vacation: Having Ian Mackay roll out to meet us on the Olympic Discovery Trail.

I first met Ian Mackay when he made an amazing north to south trip through Washington state. I followed his growing presence as a national voice for more accessible trails and connections for rolling. He then made another cross-state journey east to west and kept rolling. Ever since he created the multi-day accessible Sea to Sound ride I’ve been meaning to ride it, and this is the year.

Ian invited me to undertake a 5-mile stretch of the ride in a power wheelchair. He’ll be rolling with me and this promises to be a highly entertaining segment of the ride.

Ian has structured the ride so people can do part or all of each day’s route, with shuttles to get people to and from the start and finish points. The ride is thoughtfully designed with multiple pit stops, plus the ultimate pit stop at a firepit at Ian’s place each evening with people bringing takeout and hanging out to talk about how the day went.

I’ve ridden in this area before on a multi-day bike tour and know that it will be a beautiful ride. It’s been a while since I did this kind of mileage so I may use my e-bike rather than my road bike. I’ll be in good company with all kinds of motorized wheeled devices on the route. This will be fun!

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