Dec 142019
Coffeeneuring 2019: The Bike Date Edition

Little did my Sweet Hubs know that he was coffeeneuring. Only one of us needed to know, though.

As far as he knew we were setting off for our typical weekend bike dates. Ride to a coffee shop, have a treat and a beverage, maybe make a stop for groceries or another errand, ride home. Easy-squeezy lemon peasy, as they say.

A couple of our outings fell on the damp or windy side, but this wasn’t the #RideInTheRain challenge (although it does overlap).

We live on a quiet dead-end street in a bit of suburbanish King County surrounded by Seattle, White Center, and Burien. At a glance it isn’t obvious that our location sits in a 20-minute neighborhood if we head the right way. We can get to groceries, bookstore, restaurants, coffee shops, local ice cream, community theater, parks and a library within a 20-minute bike ride. We also have bus service that can take us farther afield to other services, an Amtrak station, the airport, and more shopping should we need it. Those trips exceed the 20-minute definition, although the way I calculate it I have about a 6-minute ride to get on a bus and read for the next however-many-minutes to my destination. This is not a problem.

For the purposes of coffeeneuring, though, all we needed to do was ride at least two miles to seven different places over the course of seven weeks for coffee (or some other beverage that falls into that general genre, but we like our coffee just fine).

I captured our outings on Twitter. Herewith, for the record, another successful coffeeneuring challenge.

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