An updated version of this post appears on the Washington Bikes blog, Personal Privileges and Biking: It Takes More than a Bike Lane to Start Riding ————————————————————————————– A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to give the luncheon…Continue Reading

How to Get a Dropped Bike Chain Back On, Grease-Free

As I mentioned in my Week Two round-up for the 30 Days of Biking effort, last week my chain came off while we rode up the hill in search of frozen yogurt. My husband called out from behind me, “Shift…Continue Reading

Reality Check

Lest you think my bike commuting life always proceeds smoothly with never a hitch in my getalong, let me describe my ride the other morning. I made the last day of my vacation a Monday to extend the sweet sleeping-in…Continue Reading

Some of the ways riding a bike makes me feel independent and free: Competence and self-sufficiency: I can fix most basic mechanical problems that would stop me from going down the road. Not all, but I can patch or replace the…Continue Reading