Apr 082019
#30DaysOfBiking, Day 8: Bikes are So Handy

Day 7 I traveled with Tessa the Folding Bike and had my magical little night ride on the Spokane University Gateway Bridge. I took Tessa with me because I find having a bike really handy when I need to just run around a downtown from meeting to meeting.

Yes, I could walk, but that takes longer and I don’t always program a day with that much transition time between meetings. As in, almost never. Biking gives me the faster point to point transportation I need with none of the parking hassle or expense of a car.

Today was more evidence, as if I needed that. In downtown Spokane a lot of major meeting places and destinations sit within about a mile of each other right along or near the river. Spokane has been building more bike connections and it gets easier and easier to ride from point A to point B to point C and back again. That was today’s agenda.

SO much more complicated if I had used a car, moving it a half-mile or mile at a time, and constantly circled block after block to find a parking spot – – to say nothing of the unnecessary vehicle emissions and missed opportunity for a little light exercise, administered in 5- to 10-minute doses.

I started at my hotel and rode first to Boots Bakery, where you can get great vegan and gluten-free food. Pumpkin waffle for the win! From there it was an easy few blocks to the offices of the Spokane Regional Transportation Council to spend time with their active transportation work group. We talked about our State Active Transportation Plan update and how we can partner to spread the word so people raise their voices when the time comes to take surveys, come to meetings, and comment on the document that really does make a difference to policy and projects in the end.

Then another easy ride from downtown Spokane across the river to the Spokane Regional Health District, where we held a meeting of the Cooper Jones Bicyclist Safety Advisory Council.

Each trip to Spokane I appreciate whatever they’ve added to the network, or just seeing people out riding on the connections. After the meeting I took advantage of the proximity to the newer section of the Spokane Centennial Trail and rode a tiny way along the north bank of the river just so I could get some shots of the beautiful Spokane River falls cascading and booming down the river gorge.

One more quick ride, this time to River Park Square to visit Cooper’s Corner. This kids ‘ traffic safety play space, part of Mobius Science Center, has been there for around 15 years and I have fond memories of visits when the kids were little. Visiting it with Cooper’s dad David made it an extra special trip. (For more on Cooper’s life, death, and the legacy his parents created out of their loss, read this.)

After that I stuffed Tessa in her travel bag and headed to the airport (in a car – – thanks for the lift, Betz! – – although I also could have taken Spokane Transit). Bottom line: Easy running around, no parking hassle – – days like this are why I ride.

Mileage: 2.54

Location: Spokane

Bike: Tessa the Folding Bike

A parting thought from Dr. Seuss on the gates as you exit the Children’s Museum in Spokane’s River Park Square.

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