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Answers about Questions

The Q&A section will provide questions and answers (duh) on various topics related to biking with style and comfort, and the occasional random poll or pop quiz. An easy question any time of year: What weather conditions affect your decision to ride your bike? Sharing is karma–pass it along!

Bikespeditions Explained

What’s a bikespedition, anyway? (and what’s with all the coinages involving -spedition?) Bikespedition: Noun. Shopping expedition via bike to destinations that combine shopping, food, and bike racks or other good ways to secure your bike. A bikespedition post gives you the lowdown on where to ride for a great outing in the Spokane region with […]

On a Roll With….

“On a Roll with….” will feature interviews with women who bike in style. I’m compiling a list of interviewees I’d love to catch up with and working on the questions I’ll ask them. This isn’t just about “notable” women (although I’m proud to say we have some notable women leaders who bike!). It’s about talking […]

Bike Style=Active Style=Spokane Style

Why launch yet another women’s bike blog? After all, there are quite a few (as I discovered along the way to building a growing list of women’s bike blogs). Several reasons, really— Reason #1: I love riding! I love the fresh air, the fun and freedom I feel when I’m on two wheels, the space […]

The quest for the intersection of Style and Comfort