Reasonably good indicators on both fronts: returning health, and returning spring. Biking keeps me attuned to both conditions–my physical well-being and the turning of the seasons–in ways that driving could never provide. Health: My uphill ride home is a real…Continue Reading

My dear Sweet Hubs trains seriously for the racing season. He measures things like watts, wishes he could test his VO2 max regularly, talks eagerly about having his leg core-sampled to know his exact proportion of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers, and…Continue Reading

  I no longer succumb to New Year’s-induced magical thinking: “I’ll lose weight! Exercise every day! Meditate! File my taxes early! Organize the basement and keep it organized!” In fact, I think it makes a lot more sense to start…Continue Reading

On a Roll with Angela Brown

Name: Angela Brown Location: Spokane Things Angela does:  Roots and Wings International Board member, WSU Alumni Board and African American Chapter President, Fundraising Volunteer for Act Six Spokane, Partner of Higher Level Consulting, Co-founder, Director of Employment Services for…Continue Reading

Feeling Good: Biking and Self-Image

A magical moment occurred at the July 24 Spokane Summer Parkways event. A woman stopped by our booth, whisked her way through the rack of Nuu-Muus and Ruu-Muus, and announced, “I own two already; I’m getting another one because I’ve…Continue Reading

How Bikes Can Save the World

In September 2010 I participated in the first-ever Ignite Spokane (“Enlighten us–but make it quick”), which had the theme “Ideas that Will Save the World.” For those not familiar with the format, you have 5 minutes and can show 20…Continue Reading

Sisterhood Rocks!

I absolutely love the way this Saturday’s shopping event came together. It exemplifies everything about why I know a blog and associated activities will help grow the world of women riding bikes in Spokane and far beyond, and the path…Continue Reading