#30DaysOfBiking, Day 11: Commitment and Stopping

30 Days of Biking is obviously a commitment. I realized today when somebody asked me how it was going that riding my e-bike to work results in another kind of commitment: Riding home. When I ride the Sweetie Bike or…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 10: More Night Magic, with Frogs and Mist

After a long day of sitting and staring at a computer screen for close to 12 hours (you don’t want my in-box) I looked forward to getting out on the bike. Naturally I had waited long enough that I missed…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 9: A Quick Grocery Jaunt

I strode into the house after a day in Olympia, shedding work bags and jacket and heading straight for a change of clothing to run to the grocery store. Not that I really had to change to go ride, mind…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Days 6 & 7: A Little Night Magic

I’m taking liberties with this title. Day 6 didn’t exactly overflow with magic on the bike. Sweet Hubs tuned up Tessa the Folding Bike to get her road-ready for a trip to Spokane. I rolled her through the garage, confirming…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 5: Some Days You Just Check the Box. It Still Counts.

Fridays are a good day for me to telework. I seldom have work meetings and if I do they tend to be conference calls. I can hunker down at the computer and put in a long concentrated block of work,…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 4: E-Bikes Make Friends

I’m already a member of one club created by love of a particular product that leads to spontaneous conversations with total strangers. I am, of course, speaking of the total strangers you will walk up to if you are both…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 3: Biking to Breakfast, and Zelda Defies the Wind

An early fundraising breakfast makes for an early bike ride. The morning was cool and overcast and the forecast suggested the possibility of some liquid sunshine later, so I took my rain skirt and rain jacket along in case I…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 2: My Version of a Triathlon

If the search term “triathlon” led you here in hopes of some secret sauce for training to complete an Ironman, so sorry. My idea of a triathlon is a day in which I manage to work in a bike ride,…Continue Reading

Bike Every Day in April — No Foolin’ (#30DaysOfBiking)

I’ve written enough times on the power of bike challenges and other forms of commitment to new habits that for this year’s #30DaysOfBiking “yes you should give it a try” post I’m just going to link to them and say…Continue Reading

Introducing Zelda the E-Bike

Guess what I get to pick up tomorrow? Tralala, tralala. Hint: I’m going to @GoFamilyCyclery. More hints: Good for 🌎, makes me 😍, gets me up 🏔️ more easily. — Barb Chamberlain (@barbchamberlain) March 14, 2019 I’ve been talking up…Continue Reading

A Multimodal Multi-Bike Day: How Bikeshare Comes in Handy for a Bike Owner

I was going to be in a long all-day workshop, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the Seattle Center. The organizers had done exactly what I love to see in an event invitation, which is to say they provided…Continue Reading