30 Days of Biking, September 2011: The Biking Blogging Series

In April 2011 I didn’t manage to complete the 30 Days of Biking challenge for various reasons. So I was delighted to see the challenge come around again in September, which generally offers beautiful riding conditions in my hometown of…Continue Reading

30 Days of Biking 2011: Final Report

After great riding in Week One, Week Two, and Week Three, here’s how it went in the final week-plus of 30 Days of Biking, along with a mileage tally for the full 30 days. Thursday, Sept. 22: A beautiful sunny…Continue Reading

30 Days of Biking: Week Three!

How apropos that on World Carfree Day I’m still rolling with 30 Days of Biking, coasting through Week Three after a great Week One and Week Two: Thursday, Sept. 15: The day dawned with a gray sky and the delicious fresh smell…Continue Reading

30 Days of Biking: Week Two Report

Have you ridden every day in September so far, or worked on getting ready to ride? In my quest to do a better job of 30 Days of Biking in September than I did in April (which got too complicated…Continue Reading

30 Days of Biking: Week One Report

If you’re already biking you may be doing the 30 Days of Biking challenge. To keep myself on track I thought I’d better set up a weekly check-in on my 30 days of biking/blogging, similar to an earlier post I…Continue Reading

Challenges: My #30DaysOfBiking Track Record

You may find yourself living with new routines, or lack thereof. If you’re seeking some structure and an excuse to get outside — practicing the prescribed social distance from others — a bike ride every day may be just what…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking 2019: The Big Finish

Bike Every Day in April — No Foolin’ (#30DaysOfBiking) Day 1: Back on the Bike Day 2: My Version of a Triathlon Day 3: Biking to Breakfast, and Zelda Defies the Wind Day 4: E-Bikes Make Friends Day 5: Some…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Days 15-26: The Twitter Story

Doing a blog post every day fell off the to-do list but that doesn’t mean I stopped riding. I’m rolling rapidly toward the end of the month with a nice mix of commuting, errands, and neighborhood noodling. Herewith, the last…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Days 13 & 14: Bikes to the Rescue

Day 13 was a pure check the box on the Green Beast that Sweet Hubs uses for his commute. At the end of a long day of cooking, yoga, and home chores I just rolled his bike back and forth…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 12: Finding a Better Way

My life and my work really do run on the same road. Today made that especially obvious: I went from a morning meeting with WSDOT colleagues that included discussions of what makes for a more pleasant and lower-stress walking or…Continue Reading

#30DaysOfBiking, Day 11: Commitment and Stopping

30 Days of Biking is obviously a commitment. I realized today when somebody asked me how it was going that riding my e-bike to work results in another kind of commitment: Riding home. When I ride the Sweetie Bike or…Continue Reading