Why We Ride/Resolve to Ride—A Blogspedition

New Year’s resolutions come at the wrong time of year. Who can start something new when snow blankets the ground, we start and end our days in darkness, and all we can think of is hot cocoa, snuggly blankets, and…Continue Reading

Balancing Act

You’ve seen them at stoplights: those guys (always guys so far in my own experience) doing a track stand. They’re standing up on their pedals and the bike is basically standing still without falling over. Or they’re doing little hops…Continue Reading

How Bikes Can Save the World

In September 2010 I participated in the first-ever Ignite Spokane (“Enlighten us–but make it quick”), which had the theme “Ideas that Will Save the World.” For those not familiar with the format, you have 5 minutes and can show 20…Continue Reading