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30 Days of Biking April 2014: I Did It!

Opening myself up to the prospect of public confession and associated humiliation if I can’t ride my bike every day certainly does the trick. I successfully completed #30daysofbiking this April. Similar to my blog-a-day self-imposed challenge in September 2011, I made it harder on myself by committing at the beginning to writing a blog post […]

30 Days of Biking April 2013: Final Report

Setting up the goal (and links to those previous April outcomes): 30 Days of Biking April 2013: Yes We Can! First couple of weeks: 30 Days of Biking April 2013: Almost Halfway Ride Report, 34.4 miles Made it through week 3: 30 Days of Biking: 9 Days to Go, 8.64 miles Heading to the finish […]

30 Days of Biking: 9 Days to Go

For me, April has been the cruelest month in trying to complete 30 Days of Biking the last couple of years. 2011 didn’t work out. 2012 didn’t work out. How’s it going so far in 2013? The first half of April went pretty swimmingly, even with some travel in the mix. I did a decent […]

30 Days of Biking April 2013: Almost Halfway Ride Report

April has not worked well for me in past attempts to complete 30 Days of Biking for various reasons–some of them good ones. I got a running start on April 2013 by riding my bike every day March 17-March 30 (I didn’t ride March 31–gave myself permission to take a day off before heading into […]

30 Days of Biking 2013: Yes We Can!

I’ve had an up-and-down relationship with 30 Days of Biking. This biking community-building event, now in its fourth year, asks one simple thing: ride your bike every day. Sometimes my up-and-down with this event refers to a day that involves a lot of hills. Sometimes it refers to a life situation that unavoidably affects my riding. Just […]

30 Days of Biking: Hills and Miles and Darkness, Oh My!

Today’s easy-squeezy 8.4 miles, broken up into nice manageable chunks of 10 minutes or less, nonetheless provided plenty of reminders of yesterday’s butt-burner: over 27 miles total, with a huge chunk of that spent slogging slowly up a hill climb that I thought would never end. But it was fun, honest! The set-up: I did […]

30 Days of Biking: Why Week 1 Doesn’t Have 7 Days of Riding in It, and Why that’s OK

The ride reports for 30 Days of Biking hold me accountable, but they can’t change what life throws at you, so I’m not going to ride 30 days in April. And you know what? I’m okay with that. When I set a goal—for the first time ever—of riding a certain number of miles and a […]

30 Days of Biking: Starting off with Very Different Days

Signing up for 30 Days of Biking “forces” riding on you. That isn’t an issue when you love to ride–or it shouldn’t be. But sometimes the day sort of sneaks away from you…. As did Day #1! I spent the day working away at my computer, watching a typical early spring day for Spokane: Snow, […]

Another 30 Days of Biking–Can We Do It? Heck Yeah!

Last September I recorded my daily path through 30 Days of Biking, making it through the month riding (and blogging) every single day. April is another 30-Day-er and I’m in again. Are you with me? April can be the cruelest month, involving as it does a week’s worth of travel to Washington, DC, for me […]

30 Days of Biking, September 2011: The Biking Blogging Series

In April 2011 I didn’t manage to complete the 30 Days of Biking challenge for various reasons. So I was delighted to see the challenge come around again in September, which generally offers beautiful riding conditions in my hometown of Spokane. To make the 30 days more interesting, I took on the additional personal challenge […]

30 Days of Biking: Final Report

After great riding in Week One, Week Two, and Week Three, here’s how it went in the final week-plus of 30 Days of Biking, along with a mileage tally for the full 30 days. Thursday, Sept. 22: A beautiful sunny fall day. Crisp enough that I wore a cardigan over my dress for the morning […]

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