Jun 242024
If Electric Hand Dryers Were Bicycles

Stay with me, people—this makes total sense. Look at the label you will find on many an electric hand dryer in the rest stops of our nation’s highways.

Now indulge me in a little creative copy editing.

Dryers Bikes help protect the environment.

They save trees from being used for paper towels us from reliance on foreign oil imports for fuel and the resulting foreign policy distortions, wars, and unnecessary human agony.

They eliminate paper towel waste vehicle emissions, wear and tear on roads, competition for parking, serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes, and a growing epidemic of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, and other conditions resulting from lack of access to safe places for healthy movement and the negative health effects of emissions and pollutants from motor vehicles.

They are more sanitary much, much cheaper (so much cheaper!) to use than paper cars and help maintain cleaner facilities air, cleaner water, and better roads for those who do truly need to drive.

True, the sign would have to be a bit bigger to hold all the benefits of a shift to replace driving trips with bike trips.

So how do we get this posted in places where you can’t avoid reading the same message over and over? Are you with me, World Dryer Corporation?

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This piece updates the original that ran Oct. 19, 2011. I’ve removed a reference to ob*sity as a result of learning about fatphobia and diet culture, which I’m noting specifically to share my learning. I’ve added to the list of the negative effects of vehicle use—not to be anti-driver, but to be accurate in noting that driving carries many negative externalities, as the economists would say.

The transportation system is highly motornormative so if you primarily drive for transportation you may not even think about these effects. Ian Walker coined the term “motornormativity” in his research on how pervasive this mindset is. Read that piece; maybe now you will recognize things you’ve been ignoring and consider whether you truly have to drive to get everywhere you need to go.

Two things you can pledge to do more often: Ride your bike. Wash your hands.

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